Circle of life

DO//90/75/MA/BR/2/2019 90x 75 cm oil on canvas 2019

DO//180/150/OR/W/BL/2019 180 x 150 cm oil on canvas 2019

DO//90/75/MA/BR/2019 90x 75 cm oil on canvas 2019

A recurring theme in Inna Levinson's works are schematic depictions of the earth elements. By presenting these materials, the artist refers to the Five Element theory, which deals with energies that influence human beings and shape the material things on earth. In addition to the Five Elements as a reference to the attempt to describe reality, her works also contain parts that mimic molecular structures and thus focus on the scientific explanation of the natural world. By condensing the technical, medial, social, cultural and biochemical framework that shapes our reality, Levinson measures our contemporary time, which is rapidly and steadily changing with technological developments.